HifiZoom for browsers – The more you zoom, the more you get.


Over 100+ million tablet and smart phone users zoom up on websites only to find that images get blurry when they get larger.  Sure, text and graphics get clearer but what’s the point if the images don’t get better at the same time?  According to Wired Magazine*, website images are the future for on-line shopping and possibly even for search engines.  It’s only natural that we want to see those images with the best quality we can.  After all, mobile device cameras and displays are already capable of delivering higher resolution imagery.  Shouldn’t we be able to see that quality?

The problem is that even with today’s high speed internet, high resolution images take a long time to download and no website developer wants to assume that we want any higher resolution than what we can see instantly.

HifiZoom is a new proprietary technology from HifiPix that solves this problem.  With HifiZoom, now when we zoom in on an image the browser goes and gets more resolution to make the image better.  The more we zoom, the more we get.  If we only zoom a little, it only gets a little.  It’s basically “on-demand” resolution based on our own interaction with a website.  And there’s no learning curve.  We use our tablets and phones just as we always did.  Only now the images get better when we zoom up.

HifiZoom requires high resolution images and HifiZoom server software to be available on the  website we’re viewing.  The magic is in the process but the additional resolution is real since it’s based on those real images.  Our primary business plan is currently to provide the server software free of charge for web developers (beginning with a WordPress plugin) and also to provide zooming capability to end users as a free application to see image details up to about five times typical levels (ie “HifiZoom Lite”).  A HifiZoom Pro license with a one time fee of $4.95 will allow end users image detail up to 50 times typical levels.  Our secondary business plan is to present HifiZoom as an acquisition option to a mobile device or browser manufacturer to provide an exclusive feature in their offerings.

HifiZoom technology has been fully demonstrated and is now being developed for commercialization in Boulder, CO.