If you think Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat are cool, take a look at this!


Welcome to the first “on-demand” resolution web experience to immerse your audience into your website images with the highest impact without you worrying about multiple resolutions, compression quality and webpage download speeds.

Yes, we’re talking about true resolution with extremely high compression quality – not just some zoom-up tool.

Yes, you have to start with an awesome high quality image (with up to 3840×2160 resolution).

No, you can’t simply scale up a lower resolution image.  We don’t want to waste bandwidth or lower expectations.  If your image is just scaled up the process will convert it to the best resolution necessary to support the content.

No, this won’t make your website perform any slower.

Yes, your visitors can share your HifiPix images through social media sites but the process actually links back to YOUR site.



STEP 1.  Use the HifiPix CREATOR software to convert your high quality image to a set of special HifiPix JPEG files and store them on your website server.  You can include information in these files describing the image, your website, your terms of use, etc.

STEP 2.  Create a standard, fast-loading image (or even just a link) on one of your usual web pages with the same name as your original high quality image.

STEP 3.  Do the above for as many images as you’d like.  That’s it!  The rest is up to all your website visitors!



The VIEWER is a software program that works with browsers (actually best with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox but also with IE with a few more steps).  Simply drag the image URL from the image or link on a webpage into the separate VIEWER window and it begins loading the HifiPix image data files from the website server to fill the vertical dimension of your display with the highest quality possible for a stunning, immersive experience.  If you zoom in on the image the VIEWER will get even more resolution (up to a maximum of 2160 vertical pixels if available on the website server).  The VIEWER only initially gets as much resolution as you can see on your display.  So you’re not wasting time or bandwidth waiting for something you don’t want.

The HifiPix VIEWER goes beyond just displaying an awesome image.  It also allows users to collect images, sort them, produce comments for their own use and even to share them over social networking sites.  But it’s not the high resolution image that gets sent.  It’s a link to the original website image so webmasters can control and track distribution.  Remember that anybody using the HifiPix VIEWER is also seeing the information entered about that image when created – website info, marketing information, etc.



We’re targeting August, 2014.  The VIEWER will be free to registered users.  The CREATOR software will be free as well but there will be an annual $29.95 per website license fee (after 30 day trial) to host HifiPix images.

Let us know what you want!  If we get a gazillion CREATOR requests we may work faster to complete it so you can start generating image content.  The VIEWER is more complicated though so it’s what we’re focusing on so that they’re both ready about the same time.  Send an email to Contact@HifiPix.com and enter “VIEWER” or “CREATOR” in the subject.  If you want the CREATOR then naturally we’ll assume you have access to publish files to a website and that you also want a VIEWER to see the results.